Produced from Ti6A14V
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For the designer in search of the ultimate Combination of weight saving and spring deflection in his suspension layout there is only one option. Springs produced in TITANIUM ALLOY. This aerospace spec material has long been the preserve of big budget teams, but now increasing availability means you can afford to achieve weight savings of up to 40% over conventional steel springs.

Springs in 6A1-4V alloy give exactly the damper travel you want, with a reduced spring mass. Because of it's low shear modulus, titanium springs have fewer coils than equivalent steel items. Also because the density of titanium is nearly 40% less, the weight savings are considerable. The other major advantage that this lower mass confers is reduction in inertia. Titanium coils are more responsive, aiding traction and handling. This is due to a reduction in mass of displaced spring material, so the resulting lower momentum helps tp prevent spring surge-where the coils working in demanding conditions can actually move in the opposite direction of damper travel.

This disruption can reduce the ability of the suspension to terrain follow; hence traction is reduced.

So if you need a no compromise solution to your suspension problems contact us for Titanium Power Coil.