Alan De Cadenet's 77 Le Mans Lola. Image and springs N.Satur.
Tony Pond, works TR7'77 Scottish Image and springs Neil Satur.
racing power coils
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Racing power coil

RACE SPRINGS for Motorsport Solutions

36mm / 1.9” / 2.0”/ 2 ΒΌ β€œ/ 60mm / 65mm / 75mm / 90mm or any inside diametre.

Any length and rate (stiffness) combination can be designed and produced to suit damper movement, bump stop constraints and bump travel requirements.

Combining minimum weight with maximum deflection.


Power coil
Rally Power Coils

Our designer has helped such teams as Boreham, T.T.E, Abingdon and Prodrive to rally victories all over the world. Now let our Winning Support assist you,

From scratch we will design and manufacture a POWERCOIL rally spring that will:-

* Give you correct static ride height fully laden
* Assist traction off the line
* Minimise unsprung weight
* Soak up all the bump loads that stage from Radnor to the Col De Turini have to offer!
* Maintain ground clearance at the end of the stage
* Offer unbeatable value in your budget