Street Lowering
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In 2015 you cruising Hot Hatch needs serious Slamming, but correct rates to cope with heavy Sub-Woofers and speed bumps - We are the answer.

25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / mm or LOWER - WE CAN HELP YOU - NO PROBLEM

* If your Beemer 3 - Series has 500 kg of ice in the back and you still want a 60mm chop - We is the Main Man!

* If your Clio rolls like a jelly when your doing donuts in Tesco’s car park - steal a mobile and phone us first

New lowering service

So you lashed out hard earned cash on a fancy box of (imported) lowering springs from one of the usual suspects. You spent all Saturday fitting the brightly painted (imported) items, lowering your pride and joy onto its tyres only to find ....... It's not gone down!!!!
You curse and swear and bounce the corners of the car. 15mm, maybe 20mm. Nothing like the 35/40mm promised on the box. Ringing the man who took your money, only to get some drongo--"sorry mate, give it a few months till they settle".

Relax, don't reach for the Glock- Help is near. We at Powercoil know how important that wheelarch filled look is to you. For a small fee we will modify your springs down to the ride height you want. No cutting, burning or chopping. Just a correctly engineered approach to ride height reduction.
Maybe next time you will buy "Made in Sheffield" British!!!