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We have Original Specifications for the A-Z of English and European sports cars.

Aston Martins+A.C+Austins+Atlas+Alvis+Armstrong+Audi                                             Bentleys+Bristols+Bonds+Bitter+Borgward
Clan+Caterhams+Chevrolet+Cadillac                                                                                 Daimlers + Deloreans+Datsun
Elvas                                                                                                                                     Fraziers + Ferraris+Fiat
Gilberns + Ginettas                                                                                                               Hillmans, Humbers, Healeys
Iso Griffo’s                                                                                                                           Jaguars + Jensens+Jeep
Karman Ghias + Keebles                                                                                                      Lagonda+Lotus+Lancias+Lamborghini
MG’s+Maseratis+Morris+Marcos+Mercedes+Mini+Morgan                                             NSU’S
Ogles + Opels                                                                                                                       Peerless+Panthers+Pipers+Peugot+Porsche+Pontiac
Quality approved to ISO.9001                                                                                             Reliants+Rileys+Rovers+Rolls+Renault
Standards+Singers+Sunbeams+Saab+Skoda+Smart+Subaru                                              Truimphs+Tridents+TVRS+Talbot+Tata+Tatra
Unipowers+Unimogs+Unos                                                                                                 Vanden-Plas+Volvos+Vauxhall
Wolseleys                                                                                                                             Zagato
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